Beams, Columns & Other Range

Steelforce supplies a large range of solid section steel products including flat bar, round bar, deformed bar, square bare, equal and unequal angles, parallel flange channels, universal columns, welded columns, universal beams, welded beams and tapered flange beams.

Our solid section steel range has exceptional weldability and machinability properties making it versatile and a popular choice for a variety of industries. Benefits of our solid section steel include high tensile strength, high impact strength, good ductility and weldability, as well as good malleability with cold-forming possibilities.

Uses for solid section steel range from steel frame buildings in construction to machinery applications, pipelines and poles, as well as fencing and general fabrication

Steelforce Beams, Columns & Other Range

Steelforce Equal Angles_600x600

Equal Angle

Steelforce PFC (Parallel Flange Channels)_600x400

Parallel Flange Channels (PFC)

Steelforce Taper Flange Beams_600x400

Tapered Flange Beams

Steelforce Unequal angle_600x400

Unequal Angle

Steelforce Universal Beam_600x600

Universal Beams

Steelforce Universal Columns_600x600

Universal Columns

Steelforce Welded Beams Structural Steel_600x600

Welded Beams

Steelforce Welded Columns_600x600

Welded Columns