Pipe and Tube

Steelforce’s pipe and tube products ensure precision, consistency and reliability for all your project needs. We specialize in the manufacturing of structural and precision RHS, CHS and SHS tube and pipe. All our pipe and tube products are quality ensured certified to ISO 9001.

Our structural tubular products can be used across a wide range of structural applications from construction to major mining and industry infrastructure, as well as for aesthetic purposes. Structural tubulars, including CHS, SHS and RHS are manufactured to Australian Standards for structural steel hollow sections AS/NZS 1163 and cover steel grades C250L0 and C350L0.

With Steelforce’s pipe and tube products, your business can rest assured that only the highest-quality steel pipe and tube products are being used for your project.

Steelforce Pipe and Tube Range

DuraGal Range

Steelforce DuraGal Plus Galvanised Steel SHS- Structural Tube_600x600

DuraGal® Plus SHS

Steelforce DuraGal RHS Galvanised Steel_600x600

DuraGal® Plus RHS

Steelforce DuraGal Plus CHS Galvanised_600x400

DuraGal® Plus CHS

Standard Range

Steelforce Precision Tube_600x600

Precision Tube

Steelforce Painted RHS- Structural Tube_600x600

Painted SHS

Steelforce Painted SHS- Structural Tube_600x600

Painted RHS

Steelforce Oval Rail_600x600

Oval Rail

Steelforce ERW Line Pipe_600x600

ERW Line Pipe

Steelforce PIPE - Structural CHS_600x400